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Foundations of Social Work Practice, 5th Edition
A Graduate Text
Mark A. Mattaini and Casey Holtschneider with Christine T. Lowery, Editors
ISBN: 978-0-87101-502-0. 2016. Item #5020. 312 pages.
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The fifth edition of Foundations of Social Work Practice: A Graduate Text, outlines and integrates ecological and structural theories of social work practice to ground social work students in a more balanced and comprehensive understanding of how social work supports social justice.

The book includes chapters dedicated to building foundational knowledge, including attention to the complexity and functions of the profession, history of the profession, integration of perspectives, social justice and human rights, professional values and ethics, diversity and cultural humility, and monitoring and evaluation. Other chapters focus on the theory and skills for generalist practice at multiple system levels – individual, family, group, community, and organization. The final chapter focuses on advocacy, accompaniment, and activism.

Throughout, Foundations of Social Work Practice incorporates evidence-informed practice models with principles of structural practice, placing constant emphasis on the need to challenge structural injustice while supporting the casualties of that injustice, working to realize a progressive vision of a just and caring society.
Chapter 1: Foundations of Social Work Practice
Mark A. Mattaini and Casey Holtschneider

Chapter 2: Perspectives for Practice
Mark A. Mattaini and Casey Holtschneider

Chapter 3: Social Work History: A Structural View
Jerry R. Cates

Chapter 4: Social Justice and International Human Rights: A Historical Perspective
Christine T. Lowery

Chapter 5: Valuing Diversity in Pursuit of Social Justice
Anjali J. Fulambarker

Chapter 6: Social Work with Individuals
Mark A. Mattaini and Casey Holtschneider

Chapter 7: Social Work with Families
Mark A. Mattaini and Casey Holtschneider

Chapter 8: Social Work with Groups
Casey Holtschneider and Mark A. Mattaini

Chapter 9: Practice with Communities
Susan P. Kemp, William Vesneski, and Edward Scanlon

Chapter 10: Social Work with and in Organizations
Meredith Hanson and Manoj Pardasani

Chapter 11: Monitoring Social Work Practice
Casey Holtschneider and Mark A. Mattaini

Chapter 12:Social Work Values and Ethics
Mark A. Mattaini and Casey Holtschneider

Chapter 13: Advocacy, Accompaniment, and Activism
Mark A. Mattaini and Casey Holtschneider with Hope E. Williams

Appendixes: Digital Ethics: Opportunities and Risks Associated with Digital Service
Appendix A: Delivery
Appendix B: Marian Mattison
About the Editors
About the Contributors
Mark A. Mattaini, DSW, ACSW, is associate professor emeritus, Jane Addams College of Social Work, University of Illinois at Chicago, where he was director of the doctoral program. His writing, research, and current practice focus on youth violence prevention and the dynamics of nonviolent social action. He is author or editor of 11 books related to social work and social issues, is editor of the multidisciplinary journal Behavior and Social Issues, and is active in the leadership of Behaviorists for Social Responsibility and the Association for Behavior Analysis: International. He has practice experience in family services, residential care, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, mental health, prevention, and social action settings.

Casey Holtschneider, PhD, LCSW, is an assistant professor of social work, Northeastern Illinois University, and cofounder and executive director of the LYTE Collective, an organization supporting young people experiencing poverty and homelessness in Chicago, Illinois. Her research and current practice focus on improving services for young people in high-risk situations. She has 15 years of experience as a social work practitioner, primarily working with unaccompanied youth in housing crisis.

Christine T. Lowery, PhD, is a retired associate professor, Helen Bader School of Social Welfare, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She is from the Laguna (New Mexico) and Hopi (Arizona) tribes. Her 16 years of teaching built on the foundation of 12 years as a social worker with American Indians in both urban and reservation settings. Her academic research focused on substance abuse and recovery processes with American Indian women. In retirement, she has served on the Laguna Pueblo council, on the Laguna Department of Education school board, and as the president of the New Mexico Indian Council on Aging. She is a state-certified ombudsman for the Laguna Rainbow Nursing Home and documents daily life in articles published in the Laguna monthly newspaper.
It was with great pleasure that I read this new edition of Foundations of Social Work Practice: A Graduate Text. As a widely read and highly regarded now-classic text for social work education, the fifth edition expands on and improves the numerous strengths of the prior versions. This work is thoroughly grounded in a progressive value system, ably articulates the essential principles of social justice that underlie our field, takes a broad systems-based approach to conceptualizing practice, and is both evidence guided and rich in professional history. This is the best foundation practice textbook available and I highly recommend it, not only for students new to the field, but also for established social workers.

Bruce A. Thyer, PhD, LCSW
Professor of social work
Florida State University, Tallahassee