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Understanding Power

An Imperative for Human Services


Monica McGoldrick


Chapter 1: Conceptualization of How Power Operates in Human Functioning

Elaine Pinderhughes

Chapter 2: Legacy and Aftermath: The Mechanisms of Power in the Multigenerational Transmission of Trauma

David Anderson Hooker

Chapter 3: Racial Shaming and Humiliation: Tools of Oppressive Power

Vanessa McAdams-Mahmoud

Chapter 4: Power-Based Therapy: Transforming Powerlessness into Power

Vanessa Jackson

Chapter 5: Tsalagi Spiral Conjurations in Ghost Country: Exploring Emergent Power Differentials with a Native American Client

Rockey Robbins, Scott Drabenstot, and Mollie Rischard

Chapter 6: The Power to Recover: Psychosocial Competence Interventions with Black Women

Lani V. Jones

Chapter 7: Culture, Power, and Resistance: Testimonies of Hope and Dignity

Makungu Akinyela

Chapter 8: Decolonizing Social Work Practice with Immigrants: The Power to (Re)define

Hye-Kyung Kang

Chapter 9: The Power to Create Equity and Justice

Patricia Romney

Chapter 10: The Joy of Sharing Power and Fostering Well-Being in Community Networks

Ramon Rojano

Chapter 11: Cash & Counseling: Empowering Elders and People with Disabilities to Make Personal Care Decisions

Kevin J. Mahoney and Erin E. McGaffigan

Chapter 12: Teaching Power beyond Black and White: Recognizing and Working with Student Resistance in Diverse Classrooms

John Tawa and Jesse J. Tauriac

Chapter 13: Discovering and Building RESPECT: A Relational Model Addressing Power and Difference in Medical Training

Carol Mostow

Chapter 14: Deconstructing Power to Build Connection: The Importance of Dialogue

Boston Institute for Culturally Affirming Practice (BICAP)

Chapter 15: Power and Research

Sarita Kaya Davis

Chapter 16: Re-methodologizing Research: Queer Considerations for Just Inquiry

Julie Tilsen

Chapter 17: Conclusion and Syllabus

Vanessa Jackson, Elaine Pinderhughes, and Patricia Romney