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Dissertation Abstracts

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The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is encouraging all graduate schools of social work to submit doctoral student (PhD/DSW) dissertation abstracts for publication in NASW's Social Work Abstracts database and journal.

The word count for dissertation abstracts is now 300 words. This increase brings our abstracts in line with the requirements for most schools of social work. It also allows graduates broader exposure for their research. Also, there is an online permissions form for dissertation advisors to submit abstracts electronically. To complete this form, you may use the link provided on NASW Press' Web site under Faculty Center or Student Center. Guidelines for Dissertation Abstracts are also provided for your review. Dissertation advisors have the option to send each abstract electronically as an attachment or the form may be downloaded and mailed in with the dissertation abstract.

The Association hopes our regular updates to the database make it easier for graduate schools of social work and doctoral students to continue supporting NASW's Social Work Abstracts database and journal. We look forward to receiving your dissertation abstracts and having them included in the research database of the social work profession.

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