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Become a Reviewer

Make a positive impact in the field of social work by becoming a journal article or book proposal reviewer!

Reviewers must be NASW members in good standing and must be published authors who can exhibit independence in editorial judgment. Other considerations for appointment are areas of practice, skills, and knowledge to assist the existing editorial board; geographic location; and representation in accordance with NASW’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Reviewers play an essential role in the publication of Social Work, Social Work Research, Health & Social Work, and Children & Schools journals. The review process is double-blind to ensure fairness and academic integrity. Reviewers for each journal are appointed as consulting editors by the editor in chief. Those who show their commitment to the journal are then recommended for appointment to the journal’s editorial board (the appointments are made by the president of NASW).

Consulting editors and the editorial board are the primary reviewers for manuscripts submitted to the journal, and as such they play a vital role in assuring the journal articles are content rich, methodologically sound, and of high quality.

If you are interested in becoming a journal reviewer, email a full CV with your request to the editor-in-chief of the journal for which you want to review. These requests can also be sent to

Book Proposals

NASW Press advances social work practice through the publication of scholarly works, textbooks, and professional guides. Receiving thoughtful feedback from a qualified reviewer in the early stages of manuscript submission is crucial to that mission. As a book proposal reviewer, you will provide anonymous feedback on proposals and sample chapters to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

As a book proposal reviewer, you will be “in the know” about the latest developments in the field; demonstrate your expertise by documenting reviews on your CV; and learn about the publishing process, informing your own publishing aspirations.

Reviewers may be asked to serve on the Book Committee, which comprises NASW members who take a leadership role in the publishing and review process.

If you are interested in becoming a book proposal reviewer, please contact NASW Press Acquisitions Editor, Rachel Meyers, at