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A Guide to Essential Human Services

A Guide to Essential Human Services

2nd Edition

Frederic G. Reamer

ISBN: 978-0-87101-397-2. 2010. Item #3972. 210 pages.

Paperback $30.99

A Guide to Essential Human Services, 2nd Edition, begins with a concise overview of human services and ways to think about locating information and resources for people who are in need. Following the introduction, the guide is divided into sections that reflect major categories of needs that may arise during a person's life.

The sections relate to specific problems (such as hunger, homelessness, unemployment, substance abuse, and mental illness), challenging time periods (such as adolescence and retirement), and special populations (such as veterans and victims of child abuse or domestic violence).

The newly revised guide is a "must have" for all social workers and human services professionals who provide direct services to individuals and families.