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Multicultural Perspectives on Race, Ethnicity, and Identity



Introduction: Elsie Achugbue

Chapter 1: Identity, Self, and Individualism in a Multicultural Perspective
Alan Roland

Chapter 2: African American Identity and Its Social Context
Lee Jenkins

Chapter 3: Children of Undocumented Immigrants: Imperiled Developmental Trajectories
Luis H Zayas and Mollie Bradlee

Chapter 4: Racial and Ethnic Identities of Asian Americans: Understanding Unique and Common Experiences
Greg M Kim-Ju and Phillip D Akutsu

Chapter 5: Indigenous Peoples and Identity in the 21st Century: Remembering, Reclaiming, and Regenerating
Sandy Grande, Timothy San Pedro, and Sweeney Windchief

Chapter 6: White Racial Identity Development: Looking Back and Considering What Is Ahead
Lisa B Spanierman

Chapter 7: Growing Up Multiracial in the United States
Robin Lin Miller and NiCole T Buchanan

Chapter 8: What It Means to Be American
Jennie Park-Taylor, Joshua Henderson, and Michael Stoyer

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