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Workplace Bullying

Clinical and Organizational Perspectives

Judith Geneva Balcerzak

ISBN: 978-0-87101-490-0. 2015. Item #4900. 272 pages.

Paperback $49.99   ePub $46.99

Are you or your colleagues stressed out at work? Do you feel degraded, humiliated, embarrassed, or threatened? If so, maybe you are a victim of workplace bullying. Although the problem of workplace bullying is not new, the incidence, prevalence, and severity have worsened in the United States. In Workplace Bullying: Clinical and Organizational Perspectives, Judith Geneva Balcerzak provides an understanding of workplace bullying from a theoretical, clinical, organizational, and public policy perspeive. This book is unique in that it approaches the subject of workplace bullying from multiple disciplines.

There are few laws that protect workers from emotional abuse. Individuals who have been victims of workplace bullying may develop severe symptoms and illness, including major depression and suicidal ideation. Some bullied workers have become disabled and are unable to continue working or return to work after taking a leave of absence. Because it is not illegal, workplace bullying is difficult to prosecute and perpetrators are rarely held accountable.

This timely resource will serve as a practice guide for social workers, clinicians, practitioners, consultants, and policy advocates addressing the concerns of workplace bullying. It offers strategies for bullying prevention and intervention, treatment, remediation, and advocacy for those who are or have been bullied in the workplace.