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Single-Case Design for Clinical Social Workers

2nd Edition

Tony Tripodi & Jennifer Di Noia

ISBN: 978-0-87101-381-1. 2008. Item #3811. 197 pages.

Paperback $39.99

Tony Tripodi collaborated with Jennifer Di Noia to develop the long awaited follow up to A Primer on Single-Subject Design for Clinical Social Workers (NASW Press, 1994). This release, Single-Case Design for Clinical Social Workers, incorporates the paradigm shift to single-case design over single-subject or single system design to focus on a single unit of analysis, that is, an individual, a couple, a family, or a group. The purpose of this text is to introduce single-case design methodology to clinical social workers, students, and field supervisors.

Tripodi and Di Noia have captured every step of the single-case design methodology from assessment and problem formulation to follow-up. The use of definitions, measurement scales, charting and graphing, guidelines, and questionnaires in this text makes it a paramount resource for any prospective or practicing clinical social worker interested in the enhancement of their clients' well-being and social functioning.

"This densely packed yet tightly written volume explores the varieties of single-case designs, their different uses, and the arguments for and against different evaluation pathways.... Ultimately, much of what Drs. Di Noia and Tripodi write about will become incorporated into what is considered 'best practices.' For their view of quality, goal-oriented, information-driven practice, fully attuned to consumer feedback and applied in a manner consistent with the core values of social work, we are in the authors' debt."

James K. Whittaker

University of Washington, Seattle