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Person-in-Environment System

The PIE Classification System for Social Functioning Problems

James M. Karls and Karin E. Wandrei, Editors

ISBN: 0-87101-240-5. 1994. Item #2405A. 224 pages.

Paperback $39.99

Person-in-Environment System: The PIE Classification System for Social Functioning Problems is complemented by Person-In Environment System Manual, 2nd Edition, by James M. Karls & Maura O'Keefe (2008). Both can also be purchased together as the PIE Combo.

The person-in-environment (PIE) classification system allows social workers to classify and codify problems in social functioning. With the PIE System, clinicians can better understand clients who are experiencing difficulties with their roles, self-perceptions, and expectations in their interactions with others and in the context of their environments.

Special Features

  • Helps practitioners develop strong intervention plans
  • Useful for developing agency and community programs and working with managed care companies