Last updated November 20, 2015
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Workplace Bullying

Clinical and Organizational Perspectives

All readers will find in this book one of the most comprehensive, research-driven, and accurate introductions to the soul-robbing phenomenon that is bullying at work. But it is the detailed advice for social workers, people who contact bullying victims intimately and frequently, that makes this book a pioneering volume. The author implores clinical colleagues to abandon tendencies to fault flawed individuals. Instead they should craft new life narratives with survivors of bullying. Suggestions for tweaking bullying-prone work cultures, another influence opportunity for social workers, follow. The journey ends with a call for moral action by the social workers as a profession, who can appreciate the role of systemic factors in the maintenance of nonphysical workplace violence.

Gary Namie, PhD


Workplace Bullying Institute


Whether you are an employer, employee, organizational consultant, or labor representative, the complexity and scope of addressing the issue of bullying and abusive disrespect in the workplace is difficult, delicate, and potentially overwhelming. I found this book an invaluable resource in examining organizational resistance to the issue of mobbing, content of policy, and the sensitization of the community mental health practitioner. With comprehensive depth and detail, Dr. Balcerzak offers an array of evidence-based solutions and interventions to choose from. Quite simply, after reading this book it will be hard for anyone to ignore this issue. It provides the must-have elements for an effective plan that will bring integrity and success to an organization wanting to unravel the dilemma of workplace bullying.


Scott Barash, MSW, LCSW

Director of Employee Assistance Services for Ventura County, California