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Social Work Practice in Child Welfare

The Interactional Model

Lawrence Shulman

ISBN: 978-0-87101-495-5. 2015. Item #4955. 208 pages.


Paperback $42.99   ePub $39.98

Social Work Practice in Child Welfare: The Interactional Model integrates and illustrates practice theory and practice skills. It demonstrates how evidence-based practices can be integrated into a practice framework, consistent with a social worker’s professional role, while avoiding overly prescriptive practices. The general practice model is presented, illustrated, and then applied to the different areas of social work in child welfare including protection, family support, foster care, adoption, and residential care. Process recording examples drawn from child welfare practice are analyzed and then connected to the practice model. Social Work Practice in Child Welfare: The Interactional Model presents a paradigm shift from the current medical model to the emerging interactional model. This book is an excellent resource for those social workers and practitioners who work in the field of child welfare.