Last updated June 11, 2015
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The Ultimate Betrayal

A Renewed Look at Intimate Partner Violence

Dr. Bent-Goodley's book, The Ultimate Betrayal: A Renewed Look at Intimate Partner Violence, is a very serious book that addresses a critical social problem. It is beautifully, almost intimately, written. The author encourages the reader to examine partner violence on a personal and private level. She has written this cogent work in a near conversational way to encourage self-reflection and self-edification.

Skillfully planned and masterfully written, this book provides valuable content that examines divergent aspects of intimate partner violence. The book also integrates cultural content, an essential component of this discussion, since intimate partner violence is not exclusive to any particular group.

A provocative book, written with clarity, insight and creativity, The Ultimate Betrayal: A Renewed Look at Intimate Partner Violence is an excellent book for undergraduate and graduate students in social work, psychology, sociology, and women's studies. This book will also become an incredibly valuable resource for professional practitioners, including social workers, psychologists, and counselors.

—Iris Carlton-LaNey, PhD

School of Social Work, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill