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Children, Youths, & Families

Social Work Practice in Child Welfare

The Interactional Model

Lawrence Shulman

Macro Perspectives on Youths Aging Out of Foster Care

Mary E. Collins


Returning Home

Reintegration after Prison or Jail

Stephen J. Bahr

Caregiving and Care Sharing

A Life Course Perspective

Roberta R. Greene and Nancy P. Kropf


Harm Reduction for High-Risk Adolescent Substance Abusers

Maurice S. Fisher Sr.

The Children's Bureau

Shaping a Century of Child Welfare Practices, Programs, and Policies

Katharine Briar-Lawson, Mary McCarthy, and Nancy Dickinson


Children and Families Affected By Armed Conflicts in Africa

Implications and Strategies for Helping Professionals in the United States

Joanne Corbin, Editor

My Girls

A Story of Survival and Togetherness in the Inner City

Graham Danzer


The Ultimate Betrayal

A Renewed Look at Intimate Partner Violence

Tricia B. Bent-Goodley

The Parent Effect

How Parenting Style Affects Adolescent Behavior and Personality Development

Joanne E. Carlson


How to Screen Adoptive and Foster Parents

A Workbook for Professionals and Students

James L. Dickerson, Mardi Allen, and Daniel Pollack

Social Work Speaks

10th Edition—NASW Policy Statements

NASW Press


Finding Help for Struggling Teens

A Guide for Parents and the Professionals Who Work with Them

Frederic G. Reamer and Deborah H. Siegel

Developing a Sense of Self

A Workbook of Tenets & Tactics for Adolescent Girls

Dorothy A. Kelly


Widening the Circle

The Practice and Evaluation of Family Group Conferencing with Children, Youths, and Their Families

Joan Pennell and Gary Anderson, Editors

Risk and Resilience in Childhood

An Ecological Perspective, 2nd Edition

Mark W. Fraser, Editor


Making Choices

Social Problem-Solving Skills for Children

Mark W. Fraser, James K. Nash, Maeda J. Galinsky, and Kathleen M. Darwin

Peace Power for Adolescents

Strategies for a Culture of Nonviolence

Mark A. Mattaini, DSW, ACSW, and the PEACE POWER! Working Group


Multisystem Skills and Interventions in School Social Work Practice

Edith M. Freeman, Cynthia G. Franklin, Rowena Fong, Gary L. Shaffer, and Elizabeth M. Timberlake, Editors


NASW Standards for School Social Work Services

NASW Standards for the Practice of Social Work with Adolescents


Gangs & Youth

A Guide for Social Workers

Youth Bullying...

How Social Workers Can Help


School Social Workers

Enhancing School Success for All Students

Making a Critical Difference...

Social Workers in Child Welfare