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Child Custody Evaluations by Social Workers

Understanding the Five Stages of Custody

Ken Lewis

ISBN: 978-0-87101-387-3. 2009. Item #3873. 96 pages.

Paperback $24.99

The arrival of Child Custody Evaluations by Social Workers: Understanding the Five Stages of Custody fills what was previously a void in the child welfare literature by defining the parameters of child custody and advocating the use of a stages model to conduct custody evaluations.

Because social workers understand the significance of ecological models and holistic practices for child development, the profession has always played a critical role in conceptualizing and implementing effective child custody evaluations. Therefore, it is fitting that this important work, authored by a veteran social worker, is now available for social work practitioners and legal professionals seeking guidance for best practices in conducting mental health evaluations that serve the ultimate goal of protecting and promoting the optimal development of children and families.

Drawing on the intellectual rigor and practical wisdom acquired over the past three decades, Ken Lewis has written a book that has vital significance for the child welfare field, recommended for teachers as a textbook for any college course on social work and the law and as an instructional guide for practitioners in seminars and workshops on child custody evaluation.