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Best BuyPreserving and Strengthening Small Towns and Rural Communities

Iris B. Carlton-LaNey, Richard L. Edwards, and P. Nelson Reid, Editors

ISBN: 0-87101-310-X. 1999. Item #310X. 410 pages.


$39.99 $13.99

Preserving and Strengthening defines the issues and crises of these surprisingly diverse populations and illustrates the myriad solutions and interventions available to the social work practitioner in the rural context.

A compilation of the most dynamic and exemplary presentations at the 23rd Annual National Institute on Social Work and Human Services in Rural Areas, this volume offers a much-needed generalist approach to practice in the rural environment.

Special Features

  • Defines the specific needs of the small town and rural populations of the United States and Canada from the familial, societal, economic, agency, and empowerment perspectives
  • Recognizes the diverse range of cultural and ethnic groups, including African Americans, American Indians, and Canadian First Nations People
  • Addresses the traditional way of life found in rural communities and offers approaches to enhance it
  • Assembles the research and experiences of leading practitioners in the rural environment