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Best BuyPerspectives on Productive Aging

Social Work with the New Aged

Lenard W. Kaye, Editor

ISBN: 0-87101-377-0. 2005. Item #3770. 256 pages.


$45.99 $24.99

This ground-breaking book in the field of aging and gerontological social work fills a major gap in social work literature by debunking the myth that older people are less productive than younger ones. It redefines and expands the profession's responsibility in previously unexplored territory, including a much-needed emphasis on promoting and sustaining empowerment, voice, and engagement of older adults in the lifeblood of their families and communities.

Perspectives on Productive Aging lays out a far-reaching set of contemporary functions that social workers will need to assume in advocating for elder rights and quality of life. Focusing on the new cohort of older adults and those that will follow them—the leading edge baby boomers who are nearing retirement—the book expands our professional perspective on working with elders who are educated, active, mobile, financially secure, and engaged. It examines social work practice in nontraditional practice areas and settings, including physical fitness, spirituality and religion, the workplace, voluntarism, and education and learning.

The first in the NASW Press Practice Series on Aging, this challenging book is a must for practitioners, faculty, and students who work with older adults. In addition, it is a valuable tool for gerontological social work continuing education workshops and community seminars in agencies that work with elders and their families.