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Best BuyPeace Power for Adolescents

Strategies for a Culture of Nonviolence

Mark A. Mattaini with the PEACE POWER Working Group

ISBN: 0-87101-329-0. 2001. Item #3290. 272 pages.


$42.99 $14.99

Recent school shootings are only one symptom of a greater problem—a toxic social environment that breeds isolation and rage among our children. This groundbreaking book looks at the wide range of risk factors and indicators for violence and translates the findings into an effective prevention and intervention system.

The PEACE POWER strategy is based on four core principles—Recognize Contributions and Successes, Act with Respect, Share Power to Build Community, and Make Peace. By design, these inexpensive and simple techniques have a strong behavioral science support. Simultaneously, the PEACE POWER system takes a practical approach that respects the divergent cultures and values in our society. This thoughtful method recognizes that, while the coercive and threatening aspects of modern life expose children and families to dramatically increased stresses, we can find peaceful solutions to strengthen our communities.

Special Features

  • Identifies a core set of cultural practices that reduce violence
  • Offers a range of tools and activities for maintaining core practices
  • Defines the origins and prevalence of youth violence
  • Speaks to the cultural and societal forces shaping today’s youth
  • Explores the biological, experiential, and cultural roots of violence and coercive behavior
  • Provides additional practices within the PEACE POWER strategy