Last updated May 1, 2017
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Social Work Speaks 10th Edition
2017 eBook Update

NASW Press

ISBN: 978-0-87101-519-8 2017. Item# 5198. 73 pages.

ePub $9.99

The spring 2017 eBook addendum to the 10th edition of Social Work Speaks offers nine updated policy statements. The policies were revised in January 2017 by the NASW Delegate Assembly, NASW’s key policy-making body. The policy statements set the parameters for NASW’s positions and actions on a broad range of public policy and professional issues.

Social Work Speaks is an unrivaled reference tool that represents the collective thinking of thousands of experienced social workers from all fields of practice. It is a first-rate introductory social policy text that will spark dynamic and valuable debates on public policy and the role of social work in effecting social change.

This addendum, only available in eBook format, includes nine revised and expanded policy statements on topics ranging from adolescent pregnancy and parenting to social work in the criminal justice system and transgender and gender nonconforming people.

Social workers who want to be informed and involved in policy analysis, advocacy for social policies, or the formulation of future policy statements will find this addendum to the 10th edition of Social Work Speaks a useful resource.