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Perspectives on Interprofessional Education and Practice

Perspectives on Interprofessional Education and Practice

Carmen Morano

ISBN: 978-0-87101-508-2. 2017. Item #5082. 275 pages.


Paperback $43.99   ePub $39.15

Helping professionals in health services are increasingly called to provide person-centered, participant-directed care. This requires working as part of an interdisciplinary team to identify interventions that are both medically beneficial and culturally competent. However, with little exposure to other health-related specializations during their education, practitioners might find it difficult to work cooperatively and efficiently to achieve the best outcomes for the people in their care. The need for effective interprofessional education (IPE) and interprofessional practice (IPP) has grown in response to these challenges.

Perspectives on Interprofessional Education and Practice provides a comprehensive look at the history and implementation of IPE and IPP in academic and occupational settings. The book examines the history of IPE, the rise of competency-based education, and the challenge of balancing multiple disciplinary competencies. It then explores the four core competencies for IPP developed by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative. The book presents detailed analyses of five academic programs in the United States that currently offer IPE programs, discussing the methods, curriculum designs, and logistical approaches that made the programs enriching for students. Finally, it delves into the nuances of IPP in a variety of settings and specialty areas, including the Veterans Health Administration, pediatric medicine, geriatric medicine, and the emergency department.

Throughout the book, case studies provide concrete examples of the complex interactions of interdisciplinary teams. In addition, one case example links to a series of interactive, Web-based modules, offering readers further opportunities to apply the principles outlined in the text. Whether you are an educator, practitioner, administrator, or student, Perspectives on Interprofessional Education and Practice is an ideal resource for an ever-shifting health care landscape.